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Kingdom Animalia Preview

Tomorrow night, June 29th, in California is a group art show organized for a great charity: Big Life Foundation. The lineup of artists who agreed to submit works for this generous effort is quite impressive–I’m humbled and flattered to even be considered, let alone included.

A few weeks ago I posted a detail shot of my painting which will appear in this show, and now here is the whole thing.  See the attached flyer for more info on the show.

“Proximity”, oil on panel, 11 x 14in, 2012

And note that the host, Land Rover of Anaheim Hills, is keeping no money whatsoever from sales at this show: all of it goes to help animals in Africa.  Awesome!


Kingdom Animalia

Recently I was invited to participate in a group show to benefit the kind people working to save wildlife in Africa from poaching and related horrors.  Naturally I’m stoked on this amazing cause and flattered to be included with a great group of artists.  Here’s an advertisement for the show, and a detail shot of a painting I just finished, which will most likely be my contribution.

"Proximity" (detail), Oil on Panel, 11 x 14 in, 2012