Nicholas Baxter


sharpfocusrealisminoil-2010 Sharp-Focus Realism In Oil
comfort2010-12 Comfort
"Light Shines Through", oil on panel, 2010, 12in x 12in Light Shines Through
littlebrotherL2010-16 Little Brother
healthyself2010-16 Heal Thyself
wheretruthistold2010-20 Where Truth Is Told
chewthethorn2010-21 Chew The Thorn
whatislove2011-22 What Is Love?
bringittolife2010-4 Bring It To Life
feverdream2010-5 Fever Dream
throughstruggle2010-25 Through Struggle
progressionthroughunlearning2010-26 Progression Through Unlearning
bornfrompain2010-8 Born From Pain
iconoclasm2010-9 Iconoclasm
thethingswecarry2010-29 The Things We Carry
samsara2010-30 Samsara